Rustam Minnikhanov: It is important to take measures to restore violated rights of citizens

24 January 2015, Saturday

On January 24, speaking at a session of Tatarstan Prosecutor’s Office on results of activity in 2014 and tasks to strengthen legality in 2015, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov said all that is currently being done in Tatarstan, is greatly facilitated by the Prosecutor's Office of the republic.

Tatarstan President noted that dispute the difficult economic situation in 2014, Tatarstan is in the top ten Russian regions by social and economic indicators.

"We have fulfilled all of our budgetary commitments. Tatarstan is a leader in terms of wages and number of construction works, production of agricultural products. The systematic work being done in Tatarstan yield positive results, showing positive dynamics of natural population growth. I think this is the main indicator. Moreover, the life expectancy of Tatarstan citizens increased. The gross regional product amounted to 1 trillion 630 billion roubles. We are the "fifth economy" of our country. The growth rates make 1.3 per cent. Probably, this is not so much in the current economic situation, but also is a great achievement,” Minnikhanov said.

According to him, one of the main tasks in the economy today is sustainability of business activity, availability of resources and social stability. “We will carry out this work together with the Prosecutor's Office of the republic," he said.

Tatarstan President also reminded that in his Address to the Federal Assembly Russian President Vladimir Putin put emphasis on the tasks to reduce pressure on business, exclude unjustified control checks by supervisory authorities, publicity of such checks. "We ask the supervisory bodies to review their work. In the future, the prosecutor's office needs to strengthen supervision of unjustified unscheduled inspections, eradicate attempts to coordinate such checks, monitor observance of the rights of employers and respond immediately to violations,” Minnikhanov pointed out.

"It is important to monitor the situation with basic foodstuff prices. Some retailers are trying to use the situation to their advantage. Vital goods should be available to low-income category of citizens. You also can not weaken the control of the organizations that provide services in the social, educational and healthcare fields. The timely intervention of the prosecutor's office will ensure law and order, social stability,” he added.

"We should systematically analyze the work of employment centers to promote the employment of citizens and expenditure of budgetary funds allocated for this purpose. It is important to take measures to restore the violated rights of citizens,” he said.

IA "Tatar-inform"
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